Initial assessment session, 1.5 hours at $175.-

Follow-up appointments, 1 hour at $130.-

Please connect with us so we can see what your needs are and discuss pricing options.

There are many session options. In-office, long distance, monthly packages, detox packages etc.


All customized sessions may be booked as a Remote/Subspace healing session.

How does it work?

A distance Biofeedback session works according to quantum physics. Everything in the universe is made up of particles and all these particles vibrate. Between every particle there is space (called subspace). All matter vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency resulting from electric charges of the particles at the atomic level. The quantum level electromagnetic fields of the human body, including conscious and subconscious energy forces, have been measured and proven to extend beyond the confines of the human body.

The Biofeedback system sends vibrations out into subspace to locate your personal pattern and vibration. What makes this system unique and very powerful is the connection that is made between the device and your subconscious since it is the subconscious that is aware of everything that is going on within your body at that point in time. Moreover the subconscious has access to the total history of trauma that has occurred within your body.

It is a good idea to be relaxed during the session time, either resting or meditating. We will connect via Zoom video or phone at the beginning of each session to discuss any concerns you would like addressed for the session and again at the end of the session at which time we will discuss what we worked on and the results of the session.

Deepak Chopra wrote “To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body-cells, tissue, organs and systems—-and arrive at a junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect.”

Cancellation Policy 
48-hour notice is required to change or cancel appointments. Appointments that are changed or cancelled without the proper notice will be charged at the normal rate.
Financial Policy
Payment for fees is expected at the time of treatment and payable by cash, credit card or e-transfer. All packages and monthly rates are prepaid at time of first session and non-refundable.