The Genius Insight Biofeedback App has a built in multi-facted wave form generator, creates unique wave forms, frequencies & energetic signatures designed to stimulate your bodies own innate healing ability. We work with the energy healing of the body which always seeks to self regulate and maintain a state of balance & harmony. This is called homeostasis.

Are You Ready To Listen To Your Body?

If Everything Is Energy…Then Anything Is Possible

The Genius App can instantly analyze your body’s reaction to thousands of substances in a matter of seconds. Determine your meridian imbalances, aura field disturbances, electro-acupuncture, chakras & more. Analyze your energetic stress levels, check the probability of your risks for the day. Instantly scan & balance your body systems & more. 

Over 50 Wellness Panels and thousands of energetic signatures, healing frequencies and tones to analyze.

Review Your Biofeedback Therapy Realtime

Remove the guesswork from your health issues. The Genius Insight balancing tones can be both sound healing and pemf therapy for a powerful session experience.  Then review the success of these energy healing tones, sacred signatures & frequencies with the use of colorful charts & graphs. Allow the Genius App to guide you to better results instantly. The results are at the tip of your fingers. Portable & easy to use makes the Genius the preferred choice. It is amazingly easy to use on humans and pets.

Click the link below for a free sample. It is as simple as signing up and downloading it on your phone (no credit card required)