Annette’s passion is functional medicine in many modalities, including Quantum Biofeedback, Epigenetics and Nutritional Medicine. She is a public speaker, author of an Amazon best selling book, teacher and entrepreneur. She is the founder of My Goodness Integrative Medicine Clinic and maintains a practice in Florenceville-Bristol, NB, Canada.

Annette has post-graduate training in Quantum Biofeedback, Ayurveda and a strong clinical interest in chronic disease and the connection to lifestyle management. She has spoken internationally, related to health and wellness, and is a regular contributor to online classes on Quantum Biofeedback, frequency medicine and appears frequently as a health expert in local and national media. 

Her own journey with Lyme disease and MTHFR gene mutation, brought her on a path of healing and learning. She considers that Lyme disease was her blessing, since she is now able to assist many patients, worldwide, in their healing journey. She is deeply passionate about supporting people in the journey of their wellness.