My journey, to get where I am today..

I have always had a deep passion for health and wellness, especially in holistic modalities. Growing up in the Netherlands, natural medicine was a much more accepted modality for health conditions. After suffering from migraines in my late teens I found natural approaches to healing, consulting a MORA Therapist and a diet rich in whole foods. 

When our son was born, we were challenged to find some solutions for his lactose intolerance, constant ear infections and a sleep deprived parent. This is when I became certified as a Reiki Practitioner, which I continue to use in my practice. 

I learned early that in order for true and sustained healing to happen, we need to look at the person as a whole – body, mind/emotion and spirit, as well as balancing the female and male aspects within. My approach is to work on all of these levels. For me it has become clear that merging and harmonizing the dualities of left/right brain; masculine/feminine; science/consciousness is the path of deeper transformation and wholeness. It is this holistic approach to wellness that has me fusing these two specific approaches to wellness – the science-driven and very technical process of biofeedback, along with the more intuitive nuances of energy work and nutrition. 

I am deeply passionate about supporting people in the journey of their wellness. My work is intended to create peace within and without, energetically, physiologically, mentally – and I’m often told that this is one of the gifts I bring and my clients experience a deep peace or stillness after our sessions.


A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After a long journey of strange symptoms, I finally found a doctor who was able to shine some light on my complete collapse of body, mind and spirit. At that point I was bedridden and lived the life of a vegetable. Sensitive to sounds, smells, light and in constant pain. After an episode of brain seizures, I was left with many neurological problems. Speech, language, writing, balance, nothing was the way it had served me so well for so many years. I sought out and tried many different modalities for healing. Although many of the paths I explored offered some level of temporary relief, it did not last or I hit a plateau. My search for relief led me to discover Biofeedback. 


Over the course of my entrainments my pain levels lowered significantly and my freedom and mobility returned to me. Actually I went from being bed ridden to driving my car again in a span of five weeks.

As a result of alleviating so many built up stress layers, I was returned to my natural state, experiencing an increase in joy, love and inner peace, a state of inner harmony and balance, the ability to face and move through challenges much more quickly and with ease.

Working on myself using Biofeedback has been very beneficial for me. As growth brings stress, I am able to release the stress responses quickly with Biofeedback – grounding, realigning and rebalancing to continue expanding consciousness.  I see this as an invaluable tool for anyone in the awakening process. 


Meeting our challenges (whether they are on an emotional, physical or mental level) as an opportunity for growth, not only aligns us with a higher perspective it provides a space within which we can move more easily. It brings an inner shift, a movement from inner resistance to a space within that says yes. With this yes, doors can open, walls collapse, and the journey is carried by grace. Biofeedback is a surprisingly effective tool.

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live