Quantum Biofeedback has been used with both professional and Olympic athletes for over 30 years. It's ability to improve mental focus, mind-body control and overall sport performance is well documented. Quantum Biofeedback has been used successfully for injury prevention while monitoring for early warning signs of distress. When injury occurs Quantum Biofeedback has been proven to dramatically accelerate healing and recovery times. The system measures the athletes's own reactions using their baseline as the control rather than a "norm". As a result each athlete's individual needs can be ascertained and corrected proactively.

A Sport and Peak Performance Package includes the following 5 Sessions:

  • Coordination Stimulation
  • Oxygenation Stimulation
  • Flexibility Stimulation
  • Mind-Body Focus
  • Muscle Building




Rebuilding from the inside out! Quantum Biofeedback addresses over 25 factors that are involved with the aging process. By identifying and reducing the stressors at the cellular level that contribute to premature aging, your cells’ innate natural abilities to heal are accelerated, thereby releasing toxins, repairing damage and regenerating healthy tissue.  As you progress through your series of anti-aging treatments, you can see your progress, as well as feel it.


Each Anti-Aging Session includes a client specific entrainment of aging related factors followed by a Silver Electro-Face Lift for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and reversal of lines.

A Beauty and Anti-Aging Session includes the following: 

  • Balancing the 3 “ages” of your body: Energetic Age Reaction, Tissue Age Reaction, and Overall Metabolic Age.
  • Stimulating the natural production of various hormones that help slow down the aging process and help regenerate healthy tissue - parathyroid hormone, growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin, and thymus hormone.
  • Support for your metabolism, nutrition assimilation and elimination, circulation, detoxification, as well as correcting degeneration energy patterns in order to slow and reverse the aging process.
  • Entrainment of several other aging related factors to slow and reverse the aging process: DNA and RNA, Collagen, Elastin, free radicals, calcium in tissues, fatty acids, sun damage, even emotional tension and your belief systems about aging as well as supporting the body with anti-aging specific nutrients and natural formulas.
  • Silver Electro-Face Lift for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and reversal of lines. We can focus on the entire face, or zero in on particular areas of concern such as forehead, eyes, chin, cheeks, lips, or neck.




The focus of these Biofeedback sessions will be on aligning, clearing and opening the chakra centers, clearing the auric field, releasing blockages on the mental and emotional bodies, supporting the body with flower essences and Liquid Light Frequencies specific to your current needs, and working with programs on the spiritual level to align with and shift into higher vibrational states of consciousness.

Science has proven Biofeedback effective in the area of personal self development. Quantum Biofeedback works on both the conscious and the subconscious level where small and subtle changes have a profound effect.  As old limiting patterns are released, higher vibrational states can be integrated.



Studying for an exam? Learning a new language, skill or instrument? Or maybe you wish to support your child's learning; this program is excellent for any age!

The Biofeedback Superlearning Program combined with Biofeedback Brain Synchronization (balancing of the Left/Right brain hemispheres) delivers a powerful method to increase your learning and retention capabilities. Improve skills such as communication, motivation, comprehension, emotional maturity, memory, analytical and more with the Enhanced Learning sessions. Study your material during the session (in clinic or at home for distance sessions) to create a very powerful association in the mind with the content of the material you are studying. Or, simply book your session at any time for improved overall learning ability.


20 session Lyme Disease entrainment

Since I fell victim to Lyme Disease myself, I have realy made it my mission to understand this condition. Lyme Disease is always accompanied by many other factors. With the assistance of the Eductor Quantum Biofeedback system, I can create a protocol for every individual. Since I am aware that no two Lyme Disease patients are the same. We can focus on; chronic illness, co-infections, detoxing the organs and cells, mold detox, heavy metal detox, parasite cleanse, reducing inflamation and at the end supporting the body to release the Lyme bacteria.

Many Lyme Disease patients are very sensitive and need a full body approach supported by homeopathics, herbs, diet and lifestyle change.

I have actually traveled the world to meet experts that work with Lyme Disease and have studied at the Klinghardt Lyme Disease Accademy. I am proof that YOU can actually get past this horrible situation.

Lyme Disease ticked off

Detox program - 10 sessions.

We live in a very toxic world and every single one of us should detox on a regular basis, in order to prevent health problems.

Our detox program consists of three phases. These sessions can take place at My Goodness Integrative Medicine Clinic, or we can accommodate with subspace (remote viewing) sessions.

At the end of the first and last session, you will receive a full 35 page QUANTUM CLARITY report explaining the changes in your body after ten sessions.

We will check your energetic age reaction, tissue age reaction and metabolic age reaction after every session so you will see the improvement on all levels on a continuing basis.

Session one: This is the intake session. Here we will start to preparing your body for the detox. The second and third session will be very similar, in gently stimulating the body to release.  After just a few sessions you will already feel a change and more energy!

We will focus on degeneration patterns.  Mental, physical and spiritual toxic releases.

Removing blockages and stimulating the body's energy levels. Stimulating Theta, Beta and Alpha waves in the brain, to promote healthy sleep and reduced stress and worry.

DNA stabilizing work, stabilization of the parasympathetic and Vagus nerve system.

Session four till eight: DETOXING starts, focusing on degeneration of cells in the body, lymphatic system, endocrine system, digestive system, urinary and genital organs. We will administer an intense chakra cleanse and release. Detox of all toxins; allopathic, beauty shop toxins (in your daily body-care products like shampoos and make-up), food additives, insecticides and environmental toxins, metabolic waste/toxins, heavy metals and EMF radiation toxins, electromagnetic related toxins, caffeine, tobacco and nicotine, alcohol related toxins, mental toxins and allergy related toxins, patoghens. All these toxins create inflammation in your body.
This program will come with a “suggested diet”. To stimulate your body we will offer one free IONIC foot detox. The foot detox pulls toxins out as well.

You will receive sound therapy frequency's focusing on detoxing and relaxation to listen to at home that are amazing tools to stay on track with the detox.

Session nine and ten: Although we are still DETOXING, we will start to replace some nutrients that are missing in the body, enzyme balancing, amino acids, minerals, vitamins.
As a bonus we will balance aging related stressors.


The DETOX program is spread over a span of three weeks, with three sessions a week and one last session in the fourth week.

I recommend that you see me the first session in person, then two subspace sessions. Fourth session at our clinic and the other two in subspace.

Seventh session at My Goodness Integrative Medicine Clinic, with the detox foot bath session.

Session eight and nine in subspace. Session ten at our clinic in order to finish up and implement the anti-aging, nutrition and enzyme support.


When you pay all 10 sessions in full at the start you get an eleventh Sapphire session free.